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Growstone is used to eliminate strip mining materials such as perlite, vermiculite, pumice and basalt.

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Orchid Science and Art
Science and Art at Rex Foster Orchids
Orchid Science and Art. John has been interested in the school garden program and stretching the kids minds to include orchid science and art in the classroom, especially in the winter. Look for updates on ideas for orchid people helping kids go on an Orchid Hunt in the classroom--how about a jungle hunt from your power point programs from the society--when it's raining or snowing.

Julian has a bright young outlook on hybridizing. He has made some very interesting hybrids with encyclias,
epidendrums, cattleyas--no Chinese cymbidiums yet--but there are some obscure species growing in his space.

Looking ahead, we always have seedpods developing and with our climate, we have great opportunities for reaching out to more select species. There will be some new miniature cymbidiiums, different oncidium hybrids than Billy already has made; he is a very understanding grower of tolumnia species, selfings and hybrids. He has moved the zygopetalums to a new location near the cymbidiums.

Each new hybrid means that a new set of jobs need to be done. There is the MI 1 (most important, one) that unfailingly keeps the baby orchids moving along. Once they are delivered out of the community pot, Shizluka Young handles the small green plantlets in several stages through 3"or 4" pots. She blends the mixes for each stage. She is definitely MI 1 at Rex Foster Orchids.

Check back with us often to see the new plants we have on the web, since new seedlings get big enough to bloom or become hardy enough to grow under our shadecloth area for seedlings. Thank You, for thinking about our orchid plants, and remember "Enjoy Orchids" the flowers, and the plants. John, Billy Julian, George and Shizuka

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