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Growstone is used to eliminate strip mining materials such as perlite, vermiculite, pumice and basalt.

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Orchid Care

Home Hardy Cattleyas have very thick leaves and bulbs. The Cattleya family has a built-in hard drive of the roots, bulbs and leaves that provide the base quality, for growing orchids in your home, patio or office.

Orchid plants with sculptured patterns and beautiful floral displays make learning basic orchid care worth the study. Cattleyas will grow and flower, when you control your cultural practices. The Greeks, so I am told, had an idea about doing things in moderation. That applies to orchid growers too. Water every other weed in the mornings, till the water runs through. Use an orchid fertilizer at half strenghh every two weeks. As winger approaches, reschedule; even with home or office plants.

Air, light and temperature are again a part of the cultural study. At Rex Foster-Balkis Lane nursery we grow seedlings, 2 years old, outdoors under 50% shade cloth. Sine we are a few miles from the ocean, the plants receive good air movement. We adjust for extreme temperatures by turning on the overhead misters-hot or cold. We seldom freeze in this location. We use 20-20-50 ferilizer at about +/- half strength, at least once a month.


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