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Growstone is used to eliminate strip mining materials such as perlite, vermiculite, pumice and basalt.

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About Us
The Rex Foster Team
The Rex Foster Orchids team has many of the same interests as the founders.  John Walters is a long-time orchid lover, served the Orchid Digest before moving to San Diego.  He attended the San Diego  County Orchid Society meetings and shows, he promoted funding for the Orchid House at the San Diego Zoo and became a Board Member at Quail Botanical Gardens serving as Chair of the San Diego Intermatiional Orchid Fair, now in its 13th year.
Welcome To Rex Foxter Orchids
Welcome to Rex Foster Orchids in Lemon Grove, a small town just outside of Downtown San Diego. The climate is great here for growing many genera of orchids in homes, patios, and under shade cloth structures.

Originally started by Rex Foster back in the 60's, he collected plants from growers and hybridizers all over Southern California. As his collection increased, people sought his knowledge of growing many varieties in this climate. New plants that he introduced to the San Diego County Orchid Society were representative of selections from Stewarts, Rod McLellan, Santa Barbara Orchid Estate, Dos Pueblos, and many others. He started a hybridizing program and developed many fine crosses.

John Walters took over the business in 1970, continuing the development of the earlier hybrids. He had brought to San Diego many plants from Stewarts and Armacost & Royston. These combined with other local growers gave an enlarged gene pool for "hybridizers unanimous" and many stimulating discussions motivated new hybrids. Several of these hybrids in the Cattleya Alliance: Panache Classic, Panache Brilliance, Mem. Matthew Wise, French Cream, and a host of others that are currently used in RFO hybrideizing.   We are working on a  new web page so come back and visit us.  Thanks for stopping by ..

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